In Windows 10 snipping tool, the directing printing option is enabled. But in lower versions like windows8, windows 7 etc. this option is disabled.

You can download snipping tool clone by clicking on the download button provided below. This software is packed with direct printing option.

Long back, when people used to operate on DOS, pressing the print screen key in the keyboard would directly send the screenshot to the printer to print. This may be a simple process, but this would enhance the wastage of print number.

Print with capture screenshot lite which has a print button built in:

Printing with snipping tool included with older windows versions:

  • Save the screen shot as the image on your PC/Laptop.
  • Make a right click on the image, using a mouse. Select the print option from the context menu.
  • Now it will ask for size and other required information.
  • Click ok to print your screenshot.

Capture screenshot in windows 10


In windows 10, you can grab your screen for free. The process is elaborated below.

Click a snap with ALT+PrintScreen:

Procedure 1: Pressing ALT+Printscreen keys on keyboard together will snap the currently active window. By simply pressing print screen key on your keyboard will help you in capturing your whole desktop.

While capturing, we neither listen any sound nor any notification. The captured screenshot will be automatically saved in to windows clipboard. To move the screenshot from the default location, first select the image and press Ctrl+X and past in the desires location by pressing Ctrl+V keys together. this is the best windows 10 screenshot shortcut.

This will really help you in pasting the image on Paint to edit.

Take a screen picture with the snipping tool delivered with windows.

Search for the snipping too on your PC, by typing snipping tool on the search box. If you are unable to found the tool, click on the download button to download the software.


Procedure 2: Ctrl +PrtScn

this is another easy way to print screen by click the keyboard key Ctrl and Print screen simultaneously. This will automatically create the screenshot and saved on the screenshot folder.

In Windows 10, you can also find your screenshots, by going to “Folders -> Pictures -> Screenshots.” In some cases if you used any application, then it may saved in the particular application folder.

Procedure 3: Windows+PrtScn

If you pressed these buttons simultaneously on your keyboard, this will take screenshots of the screen and they will be saved in Screenshot<number>.Png format on the my pictures folders.

Follow this path to look at the screenshots “Folders -> Pictures -> Screenshots.”

Procedure 4Windows + Alt + PrtScn (Windows 10 Creators Update only)

This another hack to capture your screen on windows 10. This is possible only in the windows 10 upgraded version. This features is introduced to screenshot the gaming graphics and HD video streaming.  The gaming bar will allow you take the screenshots with desired frame and area. There are many additional applications are available to edit these screenshots. Click on the download button to download the application.

Procedure 5:  Windows + Shift + S (Windows 10 only)

This will work for all Windows 10 versions. As we saw in the above procedures, we need to press the keys simultaneously to capture screen.


As you saw in the above article there are many screenshot shortcuts are available. Select the best procedure to capture the desired screen. If you know any further procedures, always write to us and help in expanding the information.

How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 8 Laptops/PC With & Without Software

Capture screenshot in windows 8

To capture screenshot on windows 8 tablet, you don’t require keyboard.

Follow the steps below to grab your screen.

  • Go to metro mode on your windows 8 device.
  • Press the windows button and volume down button (generally provided at the right side of the device) simultaneously.
  • Note: Try to hold home button first and then hold volume button, this will give you better results.
  • While capturing the screen, it will make a beep sound (in some devices it may vary), and animation showing that your screen was captured.
  • Now got o libraries –> pictures à Screenshot to view the captured screenshots.

By default, windows will give name to the captured screenshots like capture1, capture2 etc.

To capture screen on your windows mobile, repeat the above process by replacing power button with volume button. I hope our article help you in capturing your screen, if you have any queries drop your query in the comment box provided below.

How to record your computer screen on windows 8?

Our relatives, friends and parents may struggle a lot for understanding the interface with the computers. It is always better to make a tutorial video than explaining them in text or voice for hours.

Recording the screen is very handy while preparing any tutorial video. In this article we are giving you the easiest way for windows 8 screen recording/screenshot.

There are many applications available in the market to screen record windows 8, (one is mentioned above).

Download and install Monavi screen Recording Software for windows 8 (compatible for windows 7 ):

This is a handy application for capturing screen on windows 8. Download and run this screen recorder for windows 8 application.

Note: when you launched the setup, your PC will turn to desktop mode automatically.

The overall installation procedure may take few minutes to complete. While installation follow the on screen instructions shown. After installation, the program will run automatically.

Adjust the screen:

This application allows you to adjust the capturing screen area. This will reduce your efforts in editing. To enable this option, just left click on the window and just the capturing screen by dragging your mouse. The capturing frame can be adjusted automatically (defined sizes) or manually. This application allows you to select the desired audio device (speakers, headset etc.) to record the audio.

Now adjust your screen capturing frame and click the start button to record the screen.

Note: Make sure green pop up is blinking on your screen; this is the indication for screen recording.

There are many effective ways to make your screen recording more informative. To enable these options open capture menu and configure keystroke recording and special cursor effects.


Snipping Tool


Snipping tool:

In the latest flavors of windows, the snipping tool is an inbuilt feature. This tool will help you in easy capturing of screenshots.

Where to find snipping tool in windows?

You can find snipping tool in the below mentioned versions of windows.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows-vista.

In some customized versions of windows, you may unable to find this tool. In that case, you can download free tool capturing screenshot lite directly from internet. This tool will serve all your needs like cropping snipping and size adjustments. Click on the link provided below and download the full version.

How to start and use standard snipping tool in windows 10?

  • Click on the search button in the task bar (Magnifier icon).
  • Now, type “SNIPPING TOOL”. While typing this, you will find suggestions.
  • Click on the snipping tool (Scissors icon).
  • Enjoy the awesome features of this tool.

How to start and use standard snipping tool in windows 8?

The procedure is almost similar to the one before.

  • Click on the start button.
  • Enter “SNIPPING TOOL”. While typing this, you will find suggestions.
  • Click on the snipping tool (Scissors icon).

Video instructions: how to capture a screenshot in windows 10 using the snipping tool?

Click on the search button in the task bar (Magnifier icon).

Now, type “SNIPPING TOOL”. While typing this, you will find suggestions.

  • Click on the snipping tool (Scissors icon).
  • Click on the “New” button.
  • By dragging the mouse, adjust the limits of the screen area to be captured.
  • Save the captured screenshot to your desired location your computer.

Video instructions: how to find and capture a screenshot in windows 10 using the snipping tool?

Follow the steps to start and utilize snipping tool in windows 8

  • Go to charm bar by placing your mouse at the top right corner of the screen.
  • If you are using touch screen display, swipe your screen from right to left. This will open charm bar on your screen.
  • Select search button (magnifier icon).
  • Now, type “SNIPPING TOOL”. While typing this, you will find suggestions.
  • Click on the snipping tool (Scissors icon).
  • By dragging the mouse, adjust the area of the screen to be captured.
  • Save the captured screenshot to your hard disk.

Frequently asked questions:

Can we print by snipping tool?

Yes, you can print by using snipping tool.

How can I print from snipping tool?

Sorry, you can’t do it with Microsoft windows snipping. To achieve this, you need to open the snip first in MS Paint or you can download the software by clicking on the download button below.

How to start snipping tool automatically in windows 7?

There is no default option to launch snipping tool automatically in windows 7 or lower versions.

How to start snipping tool automatically in windows 8?

Press Cntrl+Alt+Del all together and go to task manager. Start new task. Tick the capture screen shot lite options. This will automatically launch the tool.

Can I use print screen button with the snipping tool?

Yes. You can use.

How can I use print screen button with the snipping tool?

First select new snip and then click on the escape button provided at the left top corner of the keyboard. Now press print screen on your keyboard.

How can I make a screenshot from a menu with snipping tool?

Simply follow the above mentioned trick, you can achieve it.