Capture screenshot in windows 10


In windows 10, you can grab your screen for free. The process is elaborated below.

Click a snap with ALT+PrintScreen:

Procedure 1: Pressing ALT+Printscreen keys on keyboard together will snap the currently active window. By simply pressing print screen key on your keyboard will help you in capturing your whole desktop.

While capturing, we neither listen any sound nor any notification. The captured screenshot will be automatically saved in to windows clipboard. To move the screenshot from the default location, first select the image and press Ctrl+X and past in the desires location by pressing Ctrl+V keys together. this is the best windows 10 screenshot shortcut.

This will really help you in pasting the image on Paint to edit.

Take a screen picture with the snipping tool delivered with windows.

Search for the snipping too on your PC, by typing snipping tool on the search box. If you are unable to found the tool, click on the download button to download the software.


Procedure 2: Ctrl +PrtScn

this is another easy way to print screen by click the keyboard key Ctrl and Print screen simultaneously. This will automatically create the screenshot and saved on the screenshot folder.

In Windows 10, you can also find your screenshots, by going to “Folders -> Pictures -> Screenshots.” In some cases if you used any application, then it may saved in the particular application folder.

Procedure 3: Windows+PrtScn

If you pressed these buttons simultaneously on your keyboard, this will take screenshots of the screen and they will be saved in Screenshot<number>.Png format on the my pictures folders.

Follow this path to look at the screenshots “Folders -> Pictures -> Screenshots.”

Procedure 4Windows + Alt + PrtScn (Windows 10 Creators Update only)

This another hack to capture your screen on windows 10. This is possible only in the windows 10 upgraded version. This features is introduced to screenshot the gaming graphics and HD video streaming.  The gaming bar will allow you take the screenshots with desired frame and area. There are many additional applications are available to edit these screenshots. Click on the download button to download the application.

Procedure 5:  Windows + Shift + S (Windows 10 only)

This will work for all Windows 10 versions. As we saw in the above procedures, we need to press the keys simultaneously to capture screen.


As you saw in the above article there are many screenshot shortcuts are available. Select the best procedure to capture the desired screen. If you know any further procedures, always write to us and help in expanding the information.

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