How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 8 Laptops/PC With & Without Software

Capture screenshot in windows 8

To capture screenshot on windows 8 tablet, you don’t require keyboard.

Follow the steps below to grab your screen.

  • Go to metro mode on your windows 8 device.
  • Press the windows button and volume down button (generally provided at the right side of the device) simultaneously.
  • Note: Try to hold home button first and then hold volume button, this will give you better results.
  • While capturing the screen, it will make a beep sound (in some devices it may vary), and animation showing that your screen was captured.
  • Now got o libraries –> pictures à Screenshot to view the captured screenshots.

By default, windows will give name to the captured screenshots like capture1, capture2 etc.

To capture screen on your windows mobile, repeat the above process by replacing power button with volume button. I hope our article help you in capturing your screen, if you have any queries drop your query in the comment box provided below.

How to record your computer screen on windows 8?

Our relatives, friends and parents may struggle a lot for understanding the interface with the computers. It is always better to make a tutorial video than explaining them in text or voice for hours.

Recording the screen is very handy while preparing any tutorial video. In this article we are giving you the easiest way for windows 8 screen recording/screenshot.

There are many applications available in the market to screen record windows 8, (one is mentioned above).

Download and install Monavi screen Recording Software for windows 8 (compatible for windows 7 ):

This is a handy application for capturing screen on windows 8. Download and run this screen recorder for windows 8 application.

Note: when you launched the setup, your PC will turn to desktop mode automatically.

The overall installation procedure may take few minutes to complete. While installation follow the on screen instructions shown. After installation, the program will run automatically.

Adjust the screen:

This application allows you to adjust the capturing screen area. This will reduce your efforts in editing. To enable this option, just left click on the window and just the capturing screen by dragging your mouse. The capturing frame can be adjusted automatically (defined sizes) or manually. This application allows you to select the desired audio device (speakers, headset etc.) to record the audio.

Now adjust your screen capturing frame and click the start button to record the screen.

Note: Make sure green pop up is blinking on your screen; this is the indication for screen recording.

There are many effective ways to make your screen recording more informative. To enable these options open capture menu and configure keystroke recording and special cursor effects.


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